Reliance Construct ™

S&M has always focused on our personnel, planning and procedures and viewed these as a reflection of our Core Values. Our personnel are highly motivated professionals with multiple years of experience in their field. Planning is evident in our commitment to preconstruction diligence and our strategic view of projects and relationships.  We have organized S&M’s Procedures in our Employee, Superintendent, Safety and Subcontractor Manuals, Project Planning Outline (PPO) and multiple Project Checklists. Every S&M employee our partnering firms and subcontractors are committed to and accountable for this rigorous framework.  We call the synthesis of these ideas our Reliance Construct™.

Reliance noun

1. Dependence, confidence, or trust
2. Something or someone upon which one relies


1. A complex idea, especially one resulting from a combination of simpler elements
2. Something formulated or built systematically.